Unit Supervisor

Supports the program treatment and intervention philosophy by instructing and assuring its implementation and practice by all unit staff in their work with youth. Supervise unit Youth Advocate I, Youth Advocate II, and Night Monitor Staff.  Provide leadership for all members of the team; attend all necessary meetings; teach and guide staff through the use of on-going supervision.  Serves as first responder to program Behavior Management and Support Policy and Procedures.  Trains, promotes, enacts, and role-models the proper implementation of therapeutic intervention strategies in working with children/youth placed in the residential program.  Develops trainings based on contract compliance, unit/staffing needs. Effectively helps units create and sustain a “therapeutic culture” that recognizes and values progress toward treatment goals and plans.  Creates an environment where there is a balance between appropriate supervision and allowing a child to develop age-typical skills such as going on outings, making choices about leisure time, purchases, etc.  Supports program staff, teaches additional crisis intervention and de-escalation skills, and helps create context so that physical restraints continue to decrease in frequency and duration.  Monitors all Behavior Management and Support Policy Procedures to assure proper application of technique/intervention and to enhance current training/supervision and interventions.



  • Provides on-going training, guidance, communication, counseling, and evaluative information to our unit Supervisors and Youth Advocates on a regular basis. This includes meeting regularly for supervision and written evaluations when due per agency policy.
  • Is responsible for assuring that medication is administered as prescribed by the physician/psychiatrist, that medication error documentation is completed as necessary, and that a corrective action plan is develop to decrease medication errors.
  • Attends required meetings including; program leadership and management team, supervisor meetings, joint supervision meetings, psychiatric consultations, referral reviews, individual supervision and staffing.
  • Conducts interviews with potential Unit Supervisors and Youth Advocates. Participates in interviews for change in status positions.
  • Serves as experienced behavior specialist, and develops trainings based on contract compliance, unit/staffing needs.



Education:  Bachelor’s Degree and two years of experience in a child-caring agency; or two years of college and three years of work experience in a child-caring agency; or a High School Degree and four years of work in a child-caring agency.  Bachelor’s preferred.  Supervisory experience in a child-caring institution of at least one year.  Knowledge of word processing; able to create, modify, delete, format and produce finished documents.



St. Vincent Catholic Charities

ATTN:   Shawn Koster

Fax:  517-886-1191

E-mail: jobs@stvcc.org




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June 02, 2018
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