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Together we are providing help and creating hope in the lives of our communities most vulnerable children and families.  By donating and providing a financial gift to St. Vincent Catholic Charities, you are helping to find a forever home for a foster child,  build families through adoption, offer solace through counseling, and welcome refugees who have experienced years of persecution to a safe and supportive community.

Ways To Give

There are as many ways to give as there are reasons.  No matter which option you choose, please know that your gift is helping to change lives. Below is a list of the most common methods of contributing to STVCC.  We are a local, charitable, 501 c3 non-profit.  All forms of giving listed below have potential current and/or future tax advantages.  Please consult your financial adviser for more information about potential incentives for giving.

1. Sustainable Giving

Join our Guardian Society!  St. Vincent Catholic Charities’ (STVCC) Guardian Society is made up of dedicated and compassionate individuals and families who strongly believe in our mission of service to our community. By making a five year pledge commitment to STVCC, Guardian Society Members embrace the importance of long term sustainable funding.  Their investment enables us to forecast available resources five years into the future.  To become a member of our Guardian Society CLICK HERE.

2. Cash Contributions

CLICK HERE to make a one-time online gift.  Or mail a cash, check or money order gift to us directly at:

St. Vincent Catholic Charities
2800 West Willow St.
Lansing, MI 48917


3. Appreciated Securities/Retirement Plans

For information on making a gift of stock please contact Cindy Herfindahl at (517) 323-4734 x1201 or by e-mail at

A gift of securities can be made with an electronic transfer of shares to St. Vincent Catholic Charities and can be a good option for accumulated stock that has appreciated in value and would be subject to capital gains tax if sold.

Whether making a stock transfer electronically, or by any other means, please submit a letter to Cindy Herfindahl, St. Vincent Catholic Charities, 2800 W. Willow, Lansing, MI  48917, fax at (517) 886-1150, or e-mail at,  explaining the intent to transfer (gift) the stock. The letter should contain the name of the stock, the number of shares, donor’s name, address and broker information.

Contact Cindy for information about our broker, account number and DTC number.

4. Planned Giving

What is the best way to continue your compassion for the work we do? What are the values you want to see continue in your community? If you have a heart for the services of St. Vincent Catholic Charities, you may want to consider how to provide for them after your passing.  What better way to have the values and compassion of your lifetime secured for the future.

Gifts of retirement plan assets can be a valuable tool in your planning.  You can leave your IRA or other retirement plans to STVCC and help provide services into the future for those in need.  And you can reap tax advantages!   Please contact Cindy Herfindahl at (517) 323-4734 x1201 or by e-mail at

5. Corporate Giving and Corporate Sponsorships

STVCC is grateful for the support of our community businesses.  There are many ways a company can support the work of STVCC from in-kind and direct involvement of employees to financial sponsorship of events.

Sponsorships range from $1,000 to $20,000 with an increase in recognition and exposure depending on the level of involvement.  Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • STVCC Guardian Society
  • Holiday Giving
  • Community Thank You Open House
  • Operation Backpack
  • Spring Into Giving


Many companies choose to encourage employee involvement in their community by sponsoring collection of in-kind donations for our refugee and children’s programs or by sponsoring an event with proceeds going to our programs.

For more information on event sponsorships please contact:

Cindy Herfindahl
(517) 323-4734 x1201

For more information about employee involvement or fundraising events for STVCC programs please contact:

Rhonda Abood
(517) 323-4734 x1205

6. In Kind Gifts

Those we serve can greatly benefit from gently used or new household items such as towels, pots and pans, lights, vacuums, tables, couches, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, bed sheets and blankets.  You can drop off your donations at our campus (2800 W. Willow St., Lansing, MI 48917) or call us for large pickups: (517)323-4734 ext. 1050.