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Come and experience our life changing services! 


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As a Guardian Society Sponsor we take pride in the mission of STVCC and encourage everyone to take a Journey of Hope. Your heart will be opened by the essential work this organization does for our community. Join us in supporting these quality programs and services.  –Patrick Dean of Dean Transportation

Take a Journey of Hope and learn firsthand how we are transforming the lives of children and families in our community. A Journey of Hope is not a fundraiser.  It is an interactive and inspiring tour through our agency.

You will hear inspirational true life stories of hope and courage from those we serve.  Learn more so you can help share vital information with others.  These 60 minute tours are scheduled around your availability.  Invite your friends, family and colleagues to attend or we can bring the journey to your church, home, or place of business.


To schedule a Journey of Hope

please contact Rhonda Abood at

(517) 323-4734 ext. 1205 or