Once a Refugee: Lansing Executive’s Family Loves Lansing

When 15-year-old Narine Manukova and her mother Evelina arrived in Lansing in 1992, St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) was there to greet them at the airport. They had fled a very middle-class lifestyle four years earlier when Azerbaijan descended into an ethnic war, escaping to Russia to live with family. They left everything behind, including…

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Five Myths About Foster Parenting

Many people have misconceptions about how foster parenting works. Pam Allen, Foster Home Licensing Specialist, addresses these myths in the article below. MYTH #1: “I could never do that.” While fostering children is not for the faint of heart, it is not an impossible task and brings joy to families. Many families find, after their first…

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New Heights 2018 Spring Newsletter

Our newsletter has an updated, new look! Click here to read the Spring 2018 edition of New Heights. Enjoy!

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refugee vetting

A Need for Solutions

It is important to understand what is happening to humanity on a global scale. There are currently thousands of refugee camps around the world.  Some camps, like the very large camps in Kenya, have been around for decades.  People are born, live, and die without ever exiting these camps.  While others, like those in Bangladesh,…

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A Heartwarming Adoption Story: The Allwardt Family

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe, if you must, but take the step.” For John and Erin Allwardt that first step involved St. Vincent Catholic Charities’ foster parent information orientation. After years of infertility and heartbreak, the Allwardts were contemplating foster care with…

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Family-based immigration benefits our community

The phrase “chain migration” has been in the news a lot and is being used heavily by the administration, portraying family-based immigration as a negative and harmful thing. By portraying family migration in this way, it is ultimately seeking to reduce the overall number of people immigrating to the United States. It is disheartening as…

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Join Us in Celebrating 70 Years of Service

This year is a special one as it marks 70 years since St. Vincent Catholic Charities opened its doors to serve the community’s most vulnerable. Opening in 1948, St. Vincent Catholic Charities was formally known as Catholic Social Services (CSS) and promoted the adoption of children. A couple years later, St. Vincent Home for Children…

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Family is Forever - Mayes Family

Family Is Forever: 2017 Chris Ball Award

A half-melted snowman greets visitors to the home of Kevin and Susan Mayes. Built by their 12 year-old son Ben and his 3 year-old brother Jase, it symbolizes the joy that a toddler experiences after the first large snowfall of the year, and the love of an older brother. While a snowman may only last…

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catholic charities

Catholic Charities Appeal

Dear Parishioners, Thank you for helping change the lives of those in need by supporting your Catholic Charities Appeal!  This appeal is an annual opportunity for parishioners like you, to support the great services of your local Catholic Charities.  Your gifts to St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) and Cristo Rey Community Center (CRCC) are helping…

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Immigration Law Clinic Family

Merry Christmas from the Immigration Law Clinic Family

From the Immigration Law Clinic family to yours, a very merry and blessed Christmas season! As much as we love “Jingle Bells,” Santa Claus and presents under the tree, Christmas is also a time for family. Strengthening family bonds, creating cherished memories and traditions, and spreading joy and hope to those around us.  A substantial…

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