Jubilee Year of Mercy Calendar

Jubilee Year of Mercy Calendar: Join us in Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy.

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Community Generosity Is Building Hope

October 22 was a lovely fall day, with a beautiful reddish hue befalling the trees and a crisp autumn air. On this day over a year of planning and fundraising came to fruition. The Knights of Columbus Monsignor David M. Stotenbur Council #7237 visited the Children’s Home to deliver the donation check from this past…

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remembering history

Reflection and Gratitude This Holiday Season

Greetings Friends of St. Vincent Catholic Charities, At this joyous time of year we have much to celebrate. It seems that our lives move into overdrive as we busily prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Yet in the midst of all the busy-ness of the season it is good to take moments for reflection…

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kitchen love and mercy

Kitchen Love and Mercy

Much has been written about what happens in kitchens. Countless recurring themes of heart, home, creativity, and even magic can be found with any Google search. Today we look into the kitchen at the St. Vincent Catholic Charities’ Children’s Home, and one particular person who has inhabited this kitchen, displaying kitchen love and mercy ……

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What is the Refugee Screening Process?

The refugee screening and resettlement process has been a hot topic recently and it seems everyone has an opinion on it. Unfortunately, many of those opinions are based upon ideas that are not factually based. Refugee Screening Debate The refugee screening process can be very complicated and difficult to understand. Some are against refugee resettlement,…

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Family is Forever - Mayes Family

A Grandfather’s Story of Foster Care and Adoption

By Jim Kurt (St. Vincent Catholic Charities Board Member and Volunteer) This is my grandfather’s story of foster care and adoption. Being a grandparent is one of the most amazing experiences one could imagine. When our children announced the pregnancy of each of our 12 grandchildren, my wife and I were so excited. When my daughter,…

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Family photo of Balthazar, Arnaud, Alphonsine for A Mother's Journey to Freedom

A Mother’s Journey to Freedom

If you attended the Guardian Society Breakfast you heard Balthazar, in just a few minutes, tell his family’s ten year story of their flight from oppression to freedom. If you read our recent newsletter you read about Arnaud,  Balthazar’s son, and his life after arriving in the United States and how he came to be…

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How You Can Help the European Refugee Crisis in Lansing

As the world watches the Syrian refugee crisis unfold and as thousands of refugees cross (or attempt to cross) the Mediterranean every month, our hearts reach out to help.  According to the latest news from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 4 million Syrian refugees have fled their country in search of…

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New Counseling Program Seasons

Seasons – New Program Launched

Our Counseling services are very happy to announce a new program called Seasons: Supporting Families through Serious Illness. A serious illness impacts an entire family, changing the lives of children, parents, and loved ones. Such an illness can have serious consequences, disrupting existing lifestyles, relationships, and financial situations. Due to these additional stressors, parents can become…

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