legacy society

Announcing the STVCC Legacy Society

For many years, STVCC has received gifts from estates of people in our community and notices that many of our friends have included STVCC in their estate plans. To recognize these contributions, we are happy to formally announce the STVCC Legacy Society. The Legacy Society recognizes those who include STVCC in their future plans through a…

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remembering history

Season of Rebirth

Emerging from a Lenten season of reflection and repentance, I hope you enjoyed a Happy Easter as we joyfully celebrated the resurrection and enter the season of rebirth. The first months of 2017 have been a trying time for St. Vincent Catholic Charities, particularly for our refugee resettlement program. Although our agency has continued to…

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transformational relationships

Transformational Relationships

Deb Stoner’s journey from book club volunteer to being the impetus behind St. Vincent Catholic Charities’ Sensory Integration Therapy Room showcases the power of transformational relationships at the agency. Deb was immediately interested in volunteering when she heard her friend talk about the book club held at the STVCC Children’s Home. “One of the reasons I…

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fostering teamwork

Fostering Teamwork

              Taking a group of foster children and teens into an environment they have never been before can be quite the challenge. “What we’ve been trying to do recently [are] things that will be thinking outside of the box.” said Josh Lown, volunteer, outreach and training coordinator at the…

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power of love

Power of Love: Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Valentine’s Day is all about love and truffles, perfume and hugs, jewelry and kisses, sweet and mushy poems and elegant dinners.  It’s about flowers whose beauty is fleeting, and love that lasts forever.  At St. Vincent Catholic Charities, it’s all about the power of love, tenderness, sweetness, and kindness to transform lives. Just six weeks…

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Seeing hope in the world: A nonprofit intern’s experience

Each new experience inevitably changes my perspective on life, and the past six months as an intern at St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) are no exception. What began as a desire to volunteer for a local charity quickly developed into an opportunity to join STVCC’s mission to serve the people of Michigan. Working as an intern has…

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Community and the Guardian Society

Members of our Guardian Society community strongly believe in our mission of service.  We want to share with you stories of three of our Guardian Society families on why they joined. For the Vulnerable in “One of the reasons why our family supports St. Vincent’s is unconditional love and a safe home.  It’s something most of…

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In the Rooms Where Life Happens

In our Service Center are comfortable spaces for children to spend time with their birth parents. These visitation rooms provide a gathering place for children and families who seek guidance in situations of adoption, foster care, or other family needs. There we provide toys for children, changing tables, books and seats for families to spend…

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Gifts - Jackson National

Corporate Gifts Change Lives

One small weight can tip the scales, and a single pebble thrown into a still pond creates ripples that extend to the far shore. No matter how insignificant a change appears, each action has a consequence. Small steps lead to bigger steps. Gifts given with a generous heart continue to multiply. This past year STVCC…

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Curiosity - Sherry Dunn

From Curiosity to Generosity

From the moment her curiosity led to becoming a volunteer, Sherry Dunn knew she wanted to make her service long-term. The success of any non-profit depends on the support of volunteers. At St. Vincent Catholic Charities, we receive immeasurable help from a community made up of people like Sherry who support our passion to serve…

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