Category: Adoption & Foster Care

Empty Nesters Make a Difference

What comes after parents’ hard work pays off and children are finally prepared to leave the nest? Growing up and achieving independence can be nerve-wracking for young adults, but it also can leave parents with a void. This is a time when many “Empty Nesters” struggle for the first time in years with the question…

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A Family For Christmas

Christmas at the Strachan’s Home is full of life.  Contrasting to the cold outdoors, inside the cozy home one is reminded of laying on a busy beach with closed eyes soaking in the sun on a warm day.  You listen and hear a hum of voices chatting, laughter and an occasional cry from an infant…

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The Greatest Gift

Children’s laughter can be heard all the way from the street near the Buck family home. Four year old Max and seven year old PJ happily follow their mother down the hall as they ask for a snack of popcorn and juice. Three year old Liz stays close to her dad in the living room,…

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