St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) offers multiple volunteering opportunities across nine service areas. Volunteers must be of 18 years of age or older in order to have direct client contact.  Volunteering opportunities are available for families and children through agency events.  Please view below a list of volunteering opportunities available, along with descriptions.

Administration Volunteering Opportunities

Agency Event
There are several events hosted throughout the year where volunteers are needed, including World Refugee Awareness Week, Operation Backpack, Holiday Giving, and the Community Thank You Open House.  Volunteering occurs the day prior and the day of the event.  Specific responsibilities differ depending on the event.

Agency Research
The Agency Research Expert is responsible for researching both historical facts and current information and statistical reports.  The subject of research will be predetermined by the STVCC Community Relations & Marketing Director.  Sample topics would be the history of the STVCC agency, the history of a specific agency service area, current world events that effect those we serve, etc.  The information gathered should be presented in an easily readable format with citations to references.  Primarily, the research will occur off site from the agency campus.  Some time may be required on-site.  The research will be used for communications and grant proposals.

The STVCC Ambassador is a community partner and advocate of the mission and ministry of STVCC. This includes introducing new people, individuals, groups and businesses to the mission and ministry of STVCC by promoting and inviting guests to a Journey of Hope.  All ambassadors will receive regular e-mail updates from STVCC and are required to attend one Journey of Hope annually.

Faith Community Liaison
The Faith Community Liaison is a community partner and advocate for the mission and ministry of STVCC and is responsible for relaying pertinent information between their Faith Based Organization (FBO) and STVCC.  A sample priority is hosting a Journey of Hope for fellow members of their FBO. All liaisons will receive regular e-mail updates from STVCC and are required to attend one Journey of Hope annually.

Clerical Support duties and responsibilities include filing, mailings, data entry, copying, special projects, creating community packets, making phone calls, and other projects and duties assigned as needed.

Parish Liaison
The Parish Liaison is responsible for relaying pertinent information between their home parish and STVCC.  This includes presenting the Catholic Parish Appeal at all mass services during one week of the year as chosen by their Parish Priest and STVCC staff.  A sample priority is hosting a Journey of Hope for Parish members. All liaisons will receive regular e-mail updates from STVCC and are required to attend one Journey of Hope annually.

3rd Party (Fundraising)
STVCC actively seeks individuals to host 3rd Party events where STVCC is the benefactor.  These fundraising events provide necessary financial support to STVCC programs.

Child Welfare Volunteering Opportunities

Childcare for Support Groups
STVCC offers foster parent support groups for foster/adoptive parents to meet and get the support they need from one another without agency workers present. The Childcare Volunteer would supervise approximately 10 children during the 90 minute sessions. The support group meets twice a month. The children could range from toddlers to adolescents.

The volunteer mentors are matched with children in the foster care or adoption programs to provide the children with positive adult role models.  The role of the mentor is to provide the children with the security of knowing they have a constant source of support in their life.  The children will also have an outlet and time away from their foster/adoptive family, which can be a healthy break for the entire family.  Along with this, the mentor will assist children in working on goals in their treatment plans as deemed appropriate by the case manager/therapist.  It is expected that the mentors can commit to being a mentor to a specific child for at least one year.

Clerical Support duties and responsibilities include filing, mailings, data entry, copying, special projects, creating community packets, making phone calls, and other projects and duties assigned as needed. Additional duties include receiving, reviewing, and entering data into our computer system or tracking database according to established procedures. Ensures accuracy of all data recorded and performs database maintenance functions, support STVCC’s vision, mission and goals.

Parenting Time Assistant
The Parenting Time Assistant will assist the Child Welfare Case Aide while parents are having a supervised visitation with their children.  This assistance will ensure that families are getting their needs met and having the best possible visitation experience. The Parenting Time Assistant will be available to assist the Case Aide in bringing families downstairs from the lobby to their assigned visitation room, accompanying children to the restroom during the visit, accompanying parents to the staff lounge to use the kitchen, and bringing families back to the lobby when visits are over.

The Transporter will assist foster and adoptive families by transporting children to appointments, court hearings, and family visits as necessary.  The transporter will work collaboratively with the families and case managers of the children to insure that children attend all necessary appointments.

Children’s Home Volunteering Opportunities

Each mentor is assigned to a resident of the Children’s Home (ages 5 – 17) and is responsible for meeting with the mentee on a predetermined regular basis.  The mentor serves as a role model to demonstrate that adults give and should receive respect.  Mentors help improve self-esteem for the mentee via assistance in activities in academic and/or social areas.

Recreation and Independent Living volunteer will be involved in planning, assessing and assisting in the planning and implementation of activities which enhance the experience of youth in care both from a recreational and therapeutic standpoint.  These planned activities will be multi-faceted and meet the needs and interests of group and individual youth.

Tutors attend scheduled study periods and are assigned to a middle or high school student to assist them with school work.  Assistance may be required in a variety of school subjects from basic math, English, science, spelling, or reading.  Tutoring can either be one-on-one or in a group setting depending on the needs of the child.  Study periods are typically in the alter afternoon or early evenings, lasting one to two hours in duration.  A commitment of at least one semester is expected.  Overall, tutors provide interested, compassionate support to the student to supplement their on-going education.

Counseling Volunteering Opportunities

Seasons: Supporting Families Through Serious Illness Assistant
A volunteer in the Seasons program will assist the Therapist with the implementation of weekly support groups and necessary outreach.  Outreach activities include acting as a community liaison between STVCC and medical practitioners and front-line staff.

Facilities Volunteering Opportunities

General Facilities
General Facilities Volunteers assist STVCC Facilities staff support agency clients.  Activities include outdoor grounds upkeep, housing essentials sorting & organizing, donation pickup and delivery, and additional responsibilities as needed.

Immigration Law Clinic Volunteering Opportunities

Interpreter (part-time/on call basis)
Seeking individuals fluent in both English and one of the following languages: Spanish, French, Kinyarwanda, Arabic, Farsi, Karenni, Burmese, and Nepali. The individual will provide confidential interpretation services at our offices during client appointments with an attorney.  The volunteer must have access to email and reliable transportation.

Marketing/Development volunteer (Part-time and full-time)
As a marketing and development volunteer, the individual is expected to enhance the capacity of the Immigration Law Clinic by seeking appropriate funding opportunities.  The volunteer will also assist the program in the development and implementation of its marketing, social media and public relations presence in the community.

Refugee Services Volunteering Opportunities

Family Mentor
Family Mentors are concerned and compassionate community members who dedicate their personal time to introduce newly arriving refugees to a welcoming and safe community network that provides supplementary resettlement support services.  Family Mentors are placed with appropriate client families through agreement with the STVCC Refugee Services Volunteer Coordinator and work with the client and Case Manager to design their service program based on the individual needs of each client.

The Family Mentor experience is a 4 month commitment with a requirement of 4 hours each month.  This time frame benefits both the client and the volunteer.  This is an adequate amount of time for the volunteer to assist the client with adjusting to life in Lansing, but ensures that a relationship of dependence is not formed.  The goal for all STVCC clients is self-sufficiency.  The Family Mentor is to act as a support as clients learn to navigate life for themselves.  A family mentor does not do for the client, but teaches the client the skills to do for themselves.  This model also allows one volunteer to help as many as three families each year.