A Message About Giving- 5 Days of Giving

During our 5 Days of Giving (December 17th through December 21st), there is a special opportunity for you to double your donation to STVCC.

Facebook Image 3Our partner that processes our online donations, Weblink, is offering a 1 to 1 Match for donations received.  You can make a gift TODAY to double your donation and its impact in the lives of the children and families served by St. Vincent Catholic Charities.  Our former Board Member and long time supporter, Craig Stiles, made a generous gift in support of the 5 Days of Giving.   Below he and his wife Stephanie share why they support the 5 Days of Giving and St. Vincent Catholic Charities.

“The purpose of this donation was to give a Christmas gift to a friend.  We’ve found that instead of buying material items for the friends we know have everything, it means so much more that a donation was given in their name to a worthy charity.  This idea is one that not only benefits the charity but also those in which the gift is given on behalf of.  It is our hope that our friend will see we made a gift to St. Vincent Catholic Charities in their name and proceed to learn more about the great work they do.  Instead of spreading dollars around to stores and restaurants, we can rest assured that we are giving our money to an organization that is working hard to provide excellent care to those who really need the help.  That is why we are giving this Christmas.”

Please make a gift TODAY to double your impact in the lives of those we serve!  To get to our Donate Now button go to http://bit.ly/1r06jnP

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