A Purpose Under Heaven

A  Purpose Under Heaven: Helping Families

Finding a purpose under Heaven challenges every person, and requires practice and patience. Yet St. Vincent Catholic Charities is on the leading edge of solving a very real problem in our community.  One of the newest arrows in the Counseling program’s quiver is Seasons: Supporting Families Through Serious Illness.  It is a program dedicated to helping families in crisis who are facing a critical or terminal illness. “We are proud of the fact that Seasons is among just a handful of similar programs across the country,” shared Megan Spedoske, STVCC Therapist and Seasons Program Coordinator.  “We are in a community which is blessed with great resources for helping children and families through the grief of a permanent loss.  Seasons is a program whose purpose is to provide intervention and assistance before a death occurs.”

When asked about the significance of the name Seasons, Spedoske replied that there are distinct seasons or cycles in the course of an illness.  At times the family may find themselves in a dark moody place because of a new diagnosis full of unknowns or an impending loss – a time of winter. At other times there may be a hopeful prospect for remission or a cure, and a spring of new beginnings.

A Purpose Under Heaven: Support Eachother

Purpose Under Heaven - Megan Spedoske

“This program offers a whole family solution and each family is unique in their needs.  We have four therapists ready to assess and then recommend solutions. For the primary caregiver in the family it might include tools for caring for themselves and maintaining life balance in a stressful new environment. For the one with the illness or terminal diagnosis it may be addressing feelings of sadness, fear, and depression. And for the children in the family, depending on their age, Seasons provides peer group sessions. These provide language, context and understanding to allay fears and concerns about their losses. They also address fears and concerns because of the illness in the family,” continued Spedoske.

Seasons welcomes individual family referrals, or referrals from medical practices. The program accepts payment via insurance or private pay, and has processes for families struggling with co-pays. “It is our conviction to help these families regardless of their ability to pay.”

To learn more about this program or access the pre-enrollment packet, visit the Seasons page on our website.


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