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It’s all for the kids at STVCC Children’s Home.

2015 contained countless highlights and surprises for the Children’s Home. One of the greatest was the arrival of Promise, our therapy dog.  Naturally, we had great hopes for Promise’s therapeutic effect on the children. She delivered big time on that promise. But, the ongoing normalizing effect of having a dog as part of the family at the Children’s Home was immeasurable and unexpected.

all for the kids - promise the dog

Staff skill development continues to be huge area of attention based on our new filter of trauma informed services. Our mission aims to help all staff understand that a negative behavior from a child is not an action to respond to, but a cry for help to heed. The lengths that our staff go to understand what a child may be feeling, and to be cognizant of the root causes means a great deal. We continue maintaining a shared value, an unwillingness to create new trauma in a therapeutic pursuit.

Old Problem, New Solution, All for the Kids

The young boys who come to us at the Children’s Home often come with a very real deficit. If not addressed, this deficit will cement the course of their life on a negative trajectory.  These boys, regardless of their age, often have very little experience with positive male role models. As they grow into young men, the boys need to know what it means to be an adult male. They must come to understand masculinity and to embrace a positive male gender identity.  We want the boys to understand that they are building a statue of the man that they will be (even in their flawed understanding of masculinity), and it becomes set in stone.  Our goal is to give them a different and better understanding of masculinity.

At the Children’s Home we are very hopeful about a new volunteer driven effort which comes, oddly enough, from the MSU Women’s Resource Center. The Resource Center has a Men’s Advisory Council made up of men from all the different departments at MSU. These men serve as role models for the boys of the Children’s Home and provide a valuable and credible outside resource. Role models and volunteers help remind the community at large that its all for the kids.

All Activities are for the Kids

Throughout the year there an outpouring of activities occur. All designed by staff and mentors to strengthen the children, give them tools for the rest of their lives, and to create an appreciation for values which might serve them well in their future families.  These activities include: music therapy, yoga therapy, and all sorts of community-based events and outings – just like a normal family.

We know that the riches that come to the children here at the Children’s Home come because of others. The generosity and heart of so many volunteers, families and donors astounds us all.  You help us operate in a strength-based, family oriented spirit – all for the kids.

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