Stepping off the airplane in Lansing after an exhausting 7,000-mile flight from their home in war-torn Afghanistan, they were greeted by St. Vincent Catholic Charities Refugee Services case manager Jorge Livermore with the joyful words:

“Hi, Wahid! Hi, Nada! Welcome to America!”

They were safe at last. St. Vincent helped with a hotel and then a temporary home, English classes, cultural orientation, and eventually job training and finding a first job.

As Wahid was on the phone with his mother and siblings in Afghanistan, his sweet daughter overheard conversations about the Taliban, bombs, violence, and danger. She asked:

“Why here is not?”

“You’re safe here,” Wahid said, and she replied, “Oh, God, thank you we are here.”

Because of your faithful financial support, St. Vincent Catholic Charities continues to help refugees, children who need foster or adoptive parents, immigrants who need legal advice, and couples in crisis. Last year we helped over 1,700 children and families, and during the Christmas season, our work really comes alive!

As we begin this holiday season, we are launching our 2021 ANNUAL CHRISTMAS APPEAL with an aggressive goal of raising $100,000. With your GENEROUS gift, I know we can do it.

We are all one family under God. With our hearts anchored in our love of the Lord, we bring a holiday filled with safety and security, love and light, peace and joy, hope and home.

For Wahid, Nada and their children, and many others, you make our help possible.

Celebrate Christmas with a gift from the heart, a gift of love, a gift that affirms life, provides hope, nourishes hearts, brings peace, offers shelter, advances safety, and proffers security to our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

At this blessed season, St. Vincent Catholic Charities looks back on a year in which the world changed, our mission expanded, and our love endured.

“Whatever you did for these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Matthew 25:40 is our guiding light, our clarion call, our mission of service.

As I said, you make our work possible. Your generous support really makes a difference in the lives of those we help in the Lansing area.

Please give. Please give generously. Please give today.

Your 2021 ANNUAL CHRISTMAS APPEAL gift will bring safety and security, warmth and peace to the children and families we serve.

Your personally meaningful gift will help St. Vincent Catholic Charities reach its goal of $100,000 this Christmas season and be a blessing to those who need our prayers and support as they go through a challenging, even traumatic time in their lives.

Throughout the year but especially at Christmas, your support is so valuable to our mission.

You are in our prayers. God bless you,

Andrea E. Seyka
Chief Executive Officer