Community Generosity Is Building Hope

community generosityOctober 22 was a lovely fall day, with a beautiful reddish hue befalling the trees and a crisp autumn air. On this day over a year of planning and fundraising came to fruition. The Knights of Columbus Monsignor David M. Stotenbur Council #7237 visited the Children’s Home to deliver the donation check from this past September’s Children’s Home Pavilion Golf Outing, raising the final funds needed to begin construction on the new pavilion and displaying community generosity.

Much like the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child (or a team of directors, therapists, nurses, youth advocates and more), it takes an entire community to make a large project like this come true.

“Since I’ve been here, the Children’s Home Pavilion has been one of my top priorities” said Director of Development Cindy Herfindahl. “To finally be able to have shovels in the ground and to provide a safe gathering place outside for our children warms my heart. We could not have been able to do this without the help from some very special people.”

The project began over a year ago with the assistance of Dr. Mitch Dobrzelewski, a current St. Vincent Catholic Charities Board Member and member of the Stotenbur Knight of Columbus, who saw the need for the Children’s Pavilion, and was able to mobilize support with the local councils of the Knights of Columbus.

A special amount of gratitude also goes to Nancy Passanante, who without her, none of this would have come true. Out of the goodness of her heart, Nancy made a significant contribution to the project, propelling the project from a dream to a reality.

The 24’ x 30’ foot structure will contribute to the homelike environment that the staff at the Children’s Home provide for all the children. The pavilion will be used throughout the year as a gathering area for children and staff, providing shade, an area to eat, and the ability to act and feel like a child. In addition to a concrete floor and vinyl siding, the pavilion will also feature electricity and a water fountain.

Thank You to All Those Who Contributed to This Project:

• Peter and Brandie Bertsch
Dr. Mitchell R. Dobrzelewski & DeWitt Optometry P.C.
• Fundraiser Golf Outing – Jim Sigmon
• Jackson National Life
Knights of Columbus – State Council
• Knights of Columbus Council 3281 – St. Johns Council
• Knights of Columbus Council 7237 – Msgr. David N. Stotenbur Council
Knights of Columbus Council 7311 – St. Michael’s Parish
• Knights of Columbus Council 10006 – St. Martha Council
Knights of Columbus Council 11099 – Msgr. John A. Gabriels Council
• Nancy Passanante
• Eugene N. ‘Gene’ Russell, PCE, LRB
• St. Francis Assembly

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