Community and the Guardian Society

communityMembers of our Guardian Society community strongly believe in our mission of service.  We want to share with you stories of three of our Guardian Society families on why they joined.

For the Vulnerable in

“One of the reasons why our family supports St. Vincent’s is unconditional love and a safe home.  It’s something most of us take for granted and yet there are so many children in our community who don’t get to experience either of those basic human needs.  The staff at STVCC have committed themselves to finding stable and loving homes for some of the most vulnerable children in our community and we believe that is a basic right that every child in our community deserves.” ~ Greg & Amanda Kruger

Serving the Children

“STVCC serves many needs in our community, but we have always been particularly appreciative of their work with children. STVCC has the organization, expertise, and “heart” to provide badly needed services for kids who have had some rough spots in their young lives. May God bless their work, as we have been blessed with the ability to help support that work.”
~ Sandy & John Wilson

The “least of these”

“We are proud to play a small part in helping STVCC. They provide help for those in greatest need in our community.  STVCC is a tremendous organization that is dedicated to truly serving the needs of the “least of these”.  STVCC provides hope and help to children, refugees, and the mentally ill.  We can think of no higher calling and no organization more deserving of our support.” ~ Mike & Anna Maddox

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