From Curiosity to Generosity

From the moment her curiosity led to becoming a volunteer, Sherry Dunn knew she wanted to make her service long-term. The success of any non-profit depends on the support of volunteers. At St. Vincent Catholic Charities, we receive immeasurable help from a community made up of people like Sherry who support our passion to serve those in need, particularly children who have been neglected or abused.

In 2015 alone, 750 volunteers served in various capacities as board members, mentors, or one-time event volunteers. Each of these men and women deserve our gratitude because they inquired about ways to serve and responded with incredible generosity. Sherry Dunn deserves recognition for stepping out in faith and receiving an answer to her prayers through service at our Children’s Home. She has blessed the children she serves and selflessly given her time and skills to Curiosityhelp our kids build confidence and find hope.

Curiosity Started It All

Two years ago, Sherry reached out to her friends who already led book clubs at the Children’s Home and inquired about ways to serve. Her passion for working with kids quickly translated itself into a personal goal to reach out to the children who are often reticent to trust adults. “I really try to look for the kids who don’t seem to want your attention, because sometimes they’re the ones who need it most,” said Sherry. As a mother of three, Sherry knows the importance of helping children establish goals and build hope. To share that with the kids in the Children’s Home, she decided to lead monthly art classes to help them creatively express themselves.

No matter what the project Sherry hopes to engage in at the Children’s Home, her service always comes back to the kids. Her initial curiosity about her friends’ work at the Children’s Home has developed into an overwhelming desire to love those around her. Sherry knows that each small breakthrough with a child provides an opportunity to be a positive role model to children in need.

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