Dear Foster Parents, We Admire You

Dear Foster Parents,

We want to thank you for your undying resolve and commitment to our Foster Care program.  Each day we admire the sacrifices you make to help our children and teens.  It fills us with joy when you share your latest accomplishments, and we empathize with you on those days when your resolve is tested.  We acknowledge that this past year has provided us with its own set of challenges, and we appreciate the patience you’ve shown as we’ve met each challenge that has come our way.

Dear Foster Parents – We Need You

Dear Foster ParentsAt St. Vincent Catholic Charities, we share one belief about our dear foster parents. We believe that we have the most amazing group of foster parents we could ask for.  Some have been fostering for decades and have welcomed countless children into your homes. Others just recently received their licensed, and provide us with the diversity and openness. All of you allow us to find placement for each child that we receive.  The flexibility and ability that those who provide respite is incredible; that at a moment’s notice you’re able to bring a new child into your home and to care for them as your own for such a short time is remarkable!

For those children whose experiences have left them feeling like nobody wants them, you are the individuals who help them feel loved and safe.  The comfort that you provide creates much needed hope in their lives.  Each child who walks through our doors is another life that has the potential to transform.  To our 60 licensed families, we thank YOU for everything you do.  You inspire us, and we will be forever grateful for the services you provide to those children and teenagers in need.


Heather Akers
Foster Care Program Manager

Stephanie Stanley, LMSW
Foster Home Licensing Program Manager
Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Supervisor

Visit our Foster Care webpage for more information about STVCC’s services.

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