The Same Moon: Lansing

Peppermint Creek Theatre Company Announces Opening of ‘The Same Moon: Lansing”

Peppermint Creek Theatre produces the world premiere of play featuring the voices of Lansing immigrants and refugees.

Peppermint Creek Theatre Company is proud to announce the two-week run of the original play, The Same Moon: Lansing, a play written from the interviews of local immigrants and refugees.

National theatre-makers The Telling Project return to Lansing after an award winning production in 2016 focused on veterans to pilot their brand new programming arm. This year the Texas-based organization will premiere a new arm of their mission casting an eye on the immigrant/refugee experience.  Lansing immigrants or refugees were interviewed and their stories have been turned into a theatrical production that will be both honest, personal, uplifting, and enlightening.  Audiences won’t want to miss this completely original documentary style theatrical experience, proving we all live under the same moon.

Telling Project audiences from across the country rave No words can describe the brilliance of these performances. My heartfelt gratitude to the tellers. All your stories are so intellectually and emotionally honest and compelling. You have given the public such important perspective. 

Peppermint Creek Artistic Director, Chad Swan-Badgero, speaks about the groundbreaking nature of this production, “The Telling Project has been visiting communities all of the country for over 10 years to document the stories of veterans, and Peppermint Creek was lucky to be one of those communities in 2016.  The process of that show and the impact it had on our audiences was not just moving and powerful, but also a production that came closest to almost any other show we’ve produced in addressing our mission statement. We are so honored that The Telling Project has chosen Lansing and Peppermint Creek to launch their new focus on immigrants and refugees.  This is a professional organization that has worked around the world, and they have chosen PCTC to pilot this new venture.  That’s tremendous and extremely humbling.”

Blake Bowen, who directed the 2016 production focused on veterans, will also helm this production of The Same Moon: Lansing.  “What I’ve enjoyed most about this production is learning the realities of the immigration process and realizing how much of my concept of “the immigrant experience” has been shaped by popular narratives for decades. Since I never had to explore this topic in depth it was easy for me to believe that all stories were relatively similar – a person leaves their home country in fear of their own safety, pitches their stake in American soil, and builds a future for generations to come. I’ve been enlightened and humbled by this incredible cast. My hope is that audiences will be as well.”     

The production will take place at Peppermint Creek’s performance venue, the Miller Performing Arts Center, 6025 Curry Lane, Lansing MI 48911.  The show will run Thursday, April 11 – Sunday, April 14, and Thursday, April 18 – Sunday, April 21, 2019.  Show times are Thursday – Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm.  Tickets can be ordered online at, and are $15 general admission, and $10 for students/seniors 65+. 

This production of The Same Moon: Lansing is directed by PCTC’s Co-Artistic Director, Blake Bowen, and stars Lansing community members performing their own stories. This production is generously underwritten by Foster Swift Collins and Smith Law Firm, Sam & Mary Austin, and Karen & Jerry Jennings.

To purchase tickets, visit Follow PCTCon Facebook. Press photos are available on request. 

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