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St. Vincent Catholic Charities has five active programs that are continuously working to serve the community and transform lives.

Our services include adoption, foster care, counseling, refugee services, and an Immigration Law Clinic, and they need your support today.

With recent, tragic developments in the world, our Refugee Services Department and Immigration Law Clinic have been working relentlessly to aid refugee resettlement. Certain efforts are focused on Afghanistan, but STVCC serves those fleeing violence and persecution all over the globe, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and more.

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Recently, STVCC’s Director of Refugee Services, Judi Harris, traveled to the East Coast to help Afghans as they arrived in the United States. She described how relieved these people were to be safe in the U.S. but how terrified they were for their family members who were left behind. Many families were separated, broken apart in the midst of the turmoil, with those who could escape doing so when they were given the opportunity.

“One woman, she was there with her tiny baby, and she just said, ‘Can you do anything to get my mom out? I left my mom back there.’”

At this time, our Immigration Law Clinic is trying to help piece some of these families back together. STVCC is working with Afghan nationals in the U.S. to file applications to bring their families here and get them out of harm’s way.

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Our work never ends – there will always be people in need, and it is our goal to help and serve in whatever capacity we can.

Your support is needed to help us continue our life-changing work. Our programs (adoption, foster care, counseling services, refugee services, and Immigration Law Clinic) could not impact so many without your generosity.

Thank you!

With a grateful heart,

Andrea E. Seyka, CEO



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