Creating New Beginnings

Fall is a time of transition and change. Warm weather gets cooler, leaves change from bright greens to warm oranges and browns, and many of us shift from thinking about sunny vacations with our family to busy school activities and the upcoming holidays.

But for some, the word “transition” means something more. For those we serve at St. Vincent Catholic Charities, transition often means a new beginning, a different way of life, or a new home. Without people like you, these positive transitions and changes aren’t possible. You create new beginnings for those who need them most, and today I’m hoping you will continue to support STVCC’s mission with a generous gift.

I want to take a moment to tell you about Haimen Al-Sumaidee, a job developer with our refugee services program. Not so long ago, Haimen was in a different season of life, as a refugee himself and client of STVCC.

Before the war in Iraq, Haimen was a lawyer in Baghdad. But after war took over his home country, he helped the U.S. military and new Iraqi army in many roles. In 2006, he was kidnapped and tortured; his family was forced to pay a ransom for his release. And after the tragic death of his young son, Haimen was forced to flee his home in Iraq with his wife and daughter to save their lives – lives people like you helped save by supporting our work.

Haimen and his family arrived in Lansing, greeted by warm faces representing STVCC’s refugee services. Haimen worked several part-time jobs to provide for his family. Eventually he accepted a position at STVCC’s Children’s Home, where he worked with the most vulnerable children in our community to give them a place of comfort and healing. Later he transitioned into his current role. Haimen says, “When you do good for others, they will return the favor and do good for others too.”

Your support helps families like Haimen’s transition from a life of fear and danger to one of safety and hope.

In all of our programs at STVCC, whether it’s refugee services, the Children’s Home, adoption and foster care, counseling services, or the Immigration Law Clinic, people like you, make it possible to help children and families transition to a new season in life and create a brighter, safer future.

“When you think it’s only you who fights for the cause that you believe [in] and there is no one who supports you, you become weaker,” says Haimen. “But when you find all this support and help from others, that will give you more power and courage to keep you on the right path.”

You can help set those in need on the right path with a donation today!

As a job developer, Haimen has helped many refugees looking to start a better life find employment. He has been a valuable asset to our community and many small businesses in the Lansing area.

Haimen says, “STVCC provides more than resettlement. They provide love, protection, mental and emotional support, and guidance. They provided us hope in our darkest time. They transformed our lives.” But the truth is that our supporters like you, [SALUTATION], provide the hope that so many in our community need and search for.

When you donate, you are providing help, creating hope, and transforming lives.

As we move from summer to fall and all of the changes that come with time moving forward, remember those who enter this new season facing uncertainty and looking for kindness. Please consider a gift that will help the most vulnerable among us.

Gratefully yours,

Andrea Seyka, CEO