Firecracker Foundation Partnership with STVCC

A new partnership with The Firecracker Foundation through the St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) Counseling Services is targeting young people who have presented with symptoms which indicate the trauma from sexual abuse. Mental health therapy will be available to children already under the care of STVCC as well as families with children in search of this specialized counseling assistance.

The Firecracker Foundation was founded to meet the mental health needs of children and families who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse. The founder, Tashmica Torok, is passionately committed to raising sufficient funds to provide sustainable counseling services and programs early and often enough to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the victims. “We want to make sure that the families are getting the care and support that they need. The next few years are going to be important,” shared Torok. “Working with St. Vincent Catholic Charities will increase our ability to find and serve those in need with counselors qualified in treating pediatric sexual trauma. Having certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy available is so important to creating a model of care which delivers continuity.”

The STVCC Counseling Services will oversee the counseling services delivered, initially by therapist Megan Spedowski who will make the initial clinical assessment and determine the course of treatment. The hope is to increase the number of qualified therapists as the program grows. Both STVCC and the Firecracker Foundation will collaborate on the goal to seek out families needing the specialized mental health therapy.

“This opportunity to offer important services to families suffering from this type of trauma is a blessing. In many cases the cost of this treatment would not be covered by insurance nor would it be a cost that the family could cover,” said STVCC Director of Clinical Services Jose Carrera.

Since its inception in 2013, the Firecracker Foundation has captured the attention of both local and national entities, a sure sign that a community need has been identified. This quote from The Firecracker Foundation mission says it all – “We believe in the healing power of quality therapy that is rooted in consistency, faithfulness and deep trust.”

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