Giving Love for the Holidays

The holidays are always a time of great love for many of us.  We are surrounded by close friends and family members who have allAnn Crane gathered to celebrate the joy of Christmas and hopes of prosperity for the new year.  But for some, the holidays are a difficult time.  That is exactly what one of our volunteers discovered while spending time with a child at our Children’s Home.  Ann Crane is a rock star volunteer for STVCC.  She oversees the Playmaker’s Running/Walking Club at the Children’s Home.  Below is a recent email she sent to volunteers involved in the Running/Walking Club.  Please read and share her message with others and consider becoming a volunteer with STVCC.  There is so much you can give to a child in need.

Hey all,

I was running with one of the littlest residents Wednesday and we were talking about a video game, when out of the blue he says…”Ann, did you know that I won’t be able to see my parents until I’m 18?” Over the past year and a half I’ve heard all kinds of horrible stories from kids, but somehow this comment left me speechless. He filled the silence by elaborating, “I can’t write to them and I can’t talk to them on the phone or anything, until I’m 18! I wish I was 18, or maybe even 19, right now, so that I could see my mom and my dad.” 

Just when I thought I’d developed a tiny layer of toughness, that enables me to listen to kids and still go home and sleep at night, a six-year-old dishes a dagger to my heart. Especially now, as I prepare for all five of my kids, and my new grandson, to all be home, it’s painful to think about kids who won’t be spending the holidays with family. Or kids who won’t be seeing their parents for the next 12 years, or more. 

And what can we do about this? We are doing it. We are showing up. We are being a constant in kid’s lives. We are giving hugs when kids ask for one. We are listening when they talk about video games, and when they talk about not having parents in their lives. 

As you spend the holidays with your family, cherish each moment. Celebrate your togetherness and all you have. And then, bring some of that great energy back to your coaching at St. Vincent’s. Thanks for all you do!!!

Thank you Ann and all the other volunteers who give of your time and talents to better the lives of the children and families we serve.

Become a Volunteer

To learn more about the Playmaker’s Running/Walking Club or other volunteer opportunities at STVCC, please contact Dr. Thomas Woods at (517)323-4734 ext. 1203 or

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