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Carol and Tim Hine

As a young boy of 10, Tim Hine arrived at the Children’s Home in 1956 to stay for a few days until his grandparents could take him in. He was scared, but felt welcomed and continued to have faith.

“First thing I received at the Children’s Home was a simple hug,” Tim recalls. “I’ve never forgotten that hug, or how it made me feel.”

Tim’s childhood was marked by upheaval. He attended 15 schools before graduating from Lansing Eastern, and didn’t think it was possible for a child to feel so low.

He raised his two children as a single dad, often with little more than his own ingenuity. One Christmas, he bundled the children into the car to leave to go visit Santa. He dashed back into the house saying he “forgot” something. Scooping up a small decorated tree and presents donated by a caring neighbor, he set them up in the living room before returning to his waiting children.

When they returned home, the children believed Santa had visited during their absence.

“They still talk about that,” Tim said. “It was magical to them.”

He and his wife Carol are one of 19 inaugural members of the Faith Keepers Society, a result of the blessings in his life. The couple recently celebrated their 25th anniversary.

“Today I am living my dreams from my youth,” he said. “I am conscious of God’s love and guidance and daily interaction with Him. I am constantly aware of all the miracles He has provided in my life and I am very thankful, which is why the gift. Our children are our hope for a better today and future.”

The new Faith Keepers monthly giving society is a convenient, secure way to support STVCC’s efforts to provide help and create hope so people can transform their lives.



Sean and Monica Fochtman

For Sean and Monica Fochtman, the headlines about refugees prompted them to set up a monthly donation dedicated to supporting resettlement efforts in the Lansing area.

“Setting up the monthly gift online keeps us committed and is honestly one less thing I have to remember on the first of each month,” Sean said. “I love the messages we get from STVCC every month thanking us for our contribution.”

• $10 a month buys a new pillow for a child entering the Children’s Home.
• $25 a month provides supplies for a group therapy session.
• $50 a month gives a child who comes to the Children’s Home with no personal belongs a change of clothes and new shoes.

To join the Faith Keepers Society, visit

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