Miles of difference


Just three years ago a relationship between the STVCC Children’s Home and Playmakers began. Since then, hundreds of children who have come through the home have benefitted from donations of shoes, shirts and awards. Through the creation of the Mileage Club, volunteers are paired with children to run and exercise on a weekly basis.

With the winter season drawing near, we recently celebrated another successful year with a “thank you” party for all of our Mileage Club volunteers. If it wasn’t for this group of volunteers and the support from Playmakers, we wouldn’t be able to have such a successful program.

“Running and walking can be an incredible outlet for some of our kids, as it provides them with a way of getting out some pent up emotion in a constructive way, and allows them to feel accomplished when they finish miles,” said Josh Lown, Children’s Home volunteer, outreach and training coordinator. “Working towards any goal is helpful.”

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