What Happens When Children Don’t Have a Safety Net?

Guiding Principles for STVCC Child Welfare Programs and Workers To ensure the safety and welfare of children through the establishment of safe, positive, strength-based relationships with families (biological, extended, foster,…

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mother's day brunch

The Day He Called Me Mom

“I was standing at the kitchen sink when the younger one of my middles got my attention (we called them that because I have one son from my first marriage…

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Therapy Dog Teaches Love

Think of the children you hold so dear in your life and what love and comfort they receive as part of your loving family environment. Now, picture the children that…

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Family photo of Balthazar, Arnaud, Alphonsine for A Mother's Journey to Freedom

A Father’s Journey to Freedom

Last year, our Guardian Society was lucky enough to hear Balthazar’s account of his, and his family’s, journey to freedom during his speech at our annual Guardian Society breakfast. His…

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positivity and strength

Positivity and Strength

I feel very honored to be a part of the Children’s Home treatment team.  As the Program Manager in the Children’s Home, I have the opportunity to see our kids…

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Refugee Pre-Paycheck Period Assistance

Every year, regardless of race, nationality, or religious beliefs, we welcome an average of 600 refugees from all over the world. Our refugee clients are men, women and children who…

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Meet Our New Associate Director of Community Relations & Marketing

This past May we were happy to introduce a new member to our organization, John Karasinski, the new Associate Director of Community Relations & Marketing. Karasinski assists and supports the agency…

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Holiday Giving Drive Collection Concludes

The Reason for the Season of Giving

As the holidays approach, we often turn to thoughts of family and gratitude. It’s a time of year when we have a chance to take stock of our lives and…

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Jubilee Year of Mercy Calendar

Jubilee Year of Mercy Calendar: Join us in Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy.

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Community Generosity Is Building Hope

October 22 was a lovely fall day, with a beautiful reddish hue befalling the trees and a crisp autumn air. On this day over a year of planning and fundraising…

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