Who Uses the STVCC Immigration Law Clinic?

There are many misconceptions when it comes to the perception of immigrants in our country. According to Melissa Indish J.D., Immigration Attorney at St. Vincent Catholic Charities, it can be “easy to stereotype” and to assume that clients using immigration law services are entering the country illegally. This type of mindset shows the lack of…

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CEO of STVCC Andrea Seyka

Message from the CEO: Our Children’s Home

Dear Friends and Supporters, One of the areas this newsletter focuses on is one of our most essential programs, the residential Children’s Home. From the early days of our existence in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s, we were known as St. Vincent Home for Children, and the agency was caring for children who had been…

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The Story of Arnaud: Using Our Past to Build a Better Future

Meet Arnaud, he is a well-spoken young man, a recent graduate of Hope College, and is about to start his Master’s work in the field of International Development. Currently Arnaud is a Youth Advocate at the St. Vincent Catholic Charities Children’s Home, working with children in the Comprehensive Clinical Assessment Program. These children stay in…

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Kindess of Strangers

Kindness of Strangers: America’s Pastime

Baseball is truly one of the great American pastimes. And when you get the full experience of going to a professional baseball game, it is not just the game that is exciting. It is the thrill of being with family and friends for a fun day of entertainment, food, and new sights and sounds. Nothing…

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Operation Backpack 2015

New Faces for Operation Backpack 2015

We’re very excited for the launch of Operation Backpack 2015, beginning our twelfth year providing backpacks to children and the less fortunate in the greater Lansing area.  The amount of support from the community has been tremendous, and we’re eternally grateful for all the backpacks and school supplies we have received over the years.  Each…

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Forwarding Love, A True Story

It was cold and dark in the cave, but it was where they would sleep for the night. The family could hear noises of the animals in the forest. Durga remembers hearing his parents crying. He was terrified. It seemed unreal that it had come to this; what would their future hold? It was 1992…

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Giving by Example: Girls of Smith Hall at Children’s Home All In

The truth is, at first, most of the children who come to STVCC Children’s Home are not happy about being there. This is understandable, their lives have been turned upside down, and in most cases they have seen or experienced things at home that no child should have to endure. Being in the foster care…

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Firecracker Foundation Partnership with STVCC

A new partnership with The Firecracker Foundation through the St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) Counseling Services is targeting young people who have presented with symptoms which indicate the trauma from sexual abuse. Mental health therapy will be available to children already under the care of STVCC as well as families with children in search of this specialized…

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Oh Our DOG!

It is our pleasure to introduce the newest St. Vincent Catholic Charities employee. Meet “Promise,” the Children’s Home new therapy dog. She has passed all her background checks, clearances, training, and shots and officially began working on May 4th. Promise is a standard poodle trained as a therapy dog by For Better Independence (FBI). As always,…

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