Oh Our DOG!

Promise Ready for workIt is our pleasure to introduce the newest St. Vincent Catholic Charities employee. Meet “Promise,” the Children’s Home new therapy dog. She has passed all her background checks, clearances, training, and shots and officially began working on May 4th. Promise is a standard poodle trained as a therapy dog by For Better Independence (FBI).

As always, our children and their safety are the first priority. We are well-prepared and anxious for her arrival. As a trained therapy dog, Promise will live her name as she helps the children heal their hurts and learn to trust. We hope to see Promise building a bond of trust with the children who need it the most. Promise will also be an Ambassador to the community, attending important STVCC events.

There is so much enthusiasm for the promise of Promise. The first testimony of that promise is the generosity of staff and community members willing to help us create a comfortable and welcoming place for Promise to serve. Our gratitude goes out to an anonymous donor who started by donating cash for the purchase and training of Promise; the FBI team for making her ready for her responsibilities; Joey’s Pet Outfitters for donating healthy food and treats, toys and comfortable bedding; Head to Tail Grooming for regular grooming visits; Riverfront Animal Hospital for her care needs and vaccinations; and Ranch Life Plastics for building a dog run.

Watch for regular news of Promise and her work on the STVCC Facebook page.

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