Positivity and Strength


I feel very honored to be a part of the Children’s Home treatment team.  As the Program Manager in the Children’s Home, I have the opportunity to see our kids and staff in action each day—the hard work that staff members put into our children and their treatment planning is remarkable.  Even better is seeing the children put effort, positivity and strength into their own treatment at STVCC.  The kids at STVCC participate in a multitude of clinical services and social programming.  Treatment interventions in the Children’s Home range from formalized therapy services to basic team building skills.

The children that live at STVCC are truly amazing kids.  They bring talents and creativity to the Children’s Home that can’t be matched! The illustrations that were created on the chalkboards were done collaboratively between children and staff members.

STVCC attempts to try and ‘normalize’ a child and their experiences while placed in the Children’s Home.  Having staff members and children participate in activities together creates a more familial experience for the kids.  The chalkboard artwork is only a snapshot of our kids’ amazing talents.

As you read each of the chalkboard walls below (click on the image for a larger view), you will see a theme of positivity and strength through each of the illustrations.  While the children may be experiencing hurt and vulnerability at the Children’s Home based on their past experiences, they are able to express themes of hope and strength through their artwork… it is an amazing testament to the resiliency and optimism that our children can carry with them… even during tough situations.

Alysia Christy, LMSW
Children’s Home Program Director

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