Refugee Pre-Paycheck Period Assistance

refugeeEvery year, regardless of race, nationality, or religious beliefs, we welcome an average of 600 refugees from all over the world. Our refugee clients are men, women and children who have often experienced tremendous trauma and loss. The resettlement process is inherently very stressful and we do everything we can to make sure they know that they are welcome, that they are cared for, and most importantly, we want people to know that they have a safe home to go to every night.

To that end, this year, STVCC has developed an initiative for any individual or group who wants to help refugees through their journey to self-sufficiency by helping a family with one month’s rent. The average rent for a family of 4 in Lansing is $500 – $600. Refugees often end up in a vulnerable housing situation once they start working. This is because as soon as they start working, their benefits are immediately stopped and their first paycheck may not arrive for a few weeks or even a month. For many families, money is scarce during the time between starting a job and receiving their first paycheck; we call this their “pre-paycheck” period. Many struggle to pay rent and put food on the table during this time. Supporting a family with one month’s rent during the pre-paycheck period has a tremendous impact. We want our new arrivals to be encouraged to start working as soon as possible and not to worry that starting a job will put them in financial jeopardy or make them homeless.

Anyone interested in helping a new family pay their rent during their “pre-paycheck period” can send a check to STVCC Refugee Services and write “Refugee Housing Assistance” in the memo line. STVCC Refugee Services greatly appreciates your continued support for refugees and your heartfelt generosity.

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