What is the Refugee Screening Process?

The refugee screening and resettlement process has been a hot topic recently and it seems everyone has an opinion on it. Unfortunately, many of those opinions are based upon ideas that are not factually based.

Refugee Screening Debate

The refugee screening process can be very complicated and difficult to understand. Some are against refugee resettlement, viewing the screening process as not meticulous enough and accessible to terrorists, compared to some who view the process as thorough and refugee resettlement as necessary.

In an effort to spread the facts, a video was recently released by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson. He narrates the video and infographics are also being released to get everyone informed.

No matter what your opinions are on refugee resettlement, make sure they are based upon the facts and not rumors or preconceived notions.

Get Involved In the Process

Want to help the refugee resettlement cause? Get in touch with our Community Outreach Coordinator at STVCC Refugee Services, Marissa Nalley, at (517) 323-4734 Ext. 1424 or at nalleym@stvcc.org to find out how you can get involved.

More Questions

Still confused by refugee resettlement and the screening process? Get in touch with our Refugee Services department at (517) 323- 4734 ext. 1424. They would love to answer your questions.

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