It’s been six months since the US government engaged in an unprecedented airlift of over 120,000 people from Kabul, Afghanistan and resettlement programs such as STVCC’s were called to accept those fleeing for their lives.

STVCC responded to the call and accepted almost 300 Afghan evacuees in addition to the 400 refugees our agency committed to resettling this year. We were able to do this because of your generous support. Today, I want to share how your gifts have impacted those fleeing for their lives and continue to provide help and hope.

STVCC has welcomed 278 Afghans to Lansing, almost half of them children. Our staff provided 59 airport pickups, the majority of them while most of us were asleep for the night. Those seeking refuge include four newborns (12 more are on the way!) a doctor, two dentists, a nurse, a chef, a journalist and four pilots.

Meanwhile, we’ve received more than 50 refugees fleeing violence from Burundi, Congo, Iraq, Rwanda, Sudan and Syria.

Your financial support has made it possible for STVCC’s Refugee Services staff to receive these weary travelers and set them up in safe housing filled with everything from furniture to shower curtains. Your gifts have also helped us provide employment services, ESOL classes and helped people obtain their driver’s licenses. Working with our community partners, we’ve provided 12,000 meals.

Your contributions have covered the first two month’s rent and deposit for the housing of all Afghan evacuees and more for others we serve.

Our work continues. Every person we’ve resettled has family in danger in Afghanistan. STVCC’s Immigration Law Clinic is hard at work filing the legal documents necessary to bring those loved ones to safety and to establish permanence for those already here.

As we begin this Lenten season I reflect on the story of the Holy Family—refugees in their time—and am humbled by your outpouring of love and generosity shown to those we’ve been called to serve. Thank you for your continued support enabling STVCC to continue serving the least among us.

With a grateful heart,

Andrea E. Seyka
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. – Your generous support is still needed! You can make a financial gift today. You can also help purchase household necessities by visiting our Amazon and Walmart wish lists! Thank you again for your outpouring of love!