Rewarding Parts of Service

Rewarding parts of service in life often result from challenging circumstances. Hard work and advice from friends slowly change things for the better. Just as growing a garden requires careful work and care, so does working with refugees. Each time, the reward is great.

Beginning a job with refugees often means helping people build new lives from square one. They work through language barriers and cultural differences. Sometimes they come with little more than the close on their backs. Many come from war-ravaged countries in search of a place to call their own.

As employees who serve refugees, we understand better than most the challenges that arise when coming to a new country. We witness daily the difficulties of building a new life. Not all of it is challenging. Sometimes, the rewards outweigh the cost.

Learning To Navigate

Every refugee faces different challenges, but as they grow and learn to navigate this culture they strengthen our society. Watching a refugee grow and adapt strengthens our desire to continue serving. We walk with refugees from the airport and help teach them the tools they need to establish a life for themselves. We help them learn English, find housing, apply for jobs, and enter school. The relationships we build help us share in the joy of their accomplishments and their happiness in a new life.

As much as we love successful projects, we love people more. Serving Michigan refugees allows us to partake in some of the most rewarding parts of our lives. We make new friends, help then learn, then watch them succeed. Experiences vary between staff members, but in one thing we agree: we find joy in our service.

Rewarding Parts of Work with Refugees

STVCC Refugee Services is the only resettlement program for adult individuals and families in the Lansing Area. Since the program’s inception in the 1970’s, STVCC Refugee Services has resettled more than 17,000 refugees to the Lansing Area. Over the years, programming has expanded to include employment, education, outreach and health services in addition to resettlement. Refugees resettled into the community bring rich ethnic diversity, stimulate the economy and bring a positive impact to Lansing’s culture in business, schools and community organizations. For more information, visit our Refugee Services page.

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