It is hard to believe that we have been in the midst of a global pandemic for over a year now. Yet here we are, continuing our lives despite the many changes, triumphs, and trials that we face in this new world we are living in.

We know that many are still social distancing and limiting contact with their loved ones. This is a difficult adjustment at any time, but it can be especially hard during holidays that are normally spent with the special people in your life. However, whether together or apart, you can still show your loved ones that they are on your mind.

We ask that you consider making your 2021 Spring Appeal gift in honor of your mother, father, or any person who has made an impact on your life.

It’s a special way of honoring your loved one or friend, especially as we approach Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the weeks ahead.

Here at St. Vincent Catholic Charities, we have the honor of helping build families, allowing people to become parents through our adoption and foster care programs. One such family, the Densmores, have six children, five of whom were adopted through STVCC’s adoption services. What makes their story even more amazing? Four of their five adopted children are biological siblings!

“Our lives would be totally different without St. Vincent’s. Without it, we wouldn’t have had our family.”

Emily and Brian Densmore began their journey with STVCC in 2013 after deciding to foster with the goal to adopt. Emily already had one son biologically but was unable to have any more children.

In October 2013, Emily and Brian became foster parents to a young boy named Jaxson. Jaxson had a biological brother who was with another foster family. The brothers had been split up immediately after entering the system.

In 2015, the Densmores decided to adopt not only their foster son, Jaxson, but his brother Tristan as well. Later, they adopted Jaxson and Tristan’s biological brother Xander, who was placed in their care as a newborn.

The Densmores now had four sons, and while they were grateful for the family they had, Emily and Brian found themselves longing for a daughter. In March 2016, they received a phone call that they had hoped would come. They brought home 12-day-old Lola, whose adoption was finalized in September 2017.

You can help STVCC continue to build beautiful families with a gift in honor of a special person in your life, whether it be your mother, father, another family member, or a friend.

More details about how you can do that are below.

In 2017, with the help of STVCC’s adoption services, the Densmores’ hearts, and their house, were full. The Densmores now had five children, and the youngest two were only 6 months and 1 month old! At this point, Emily and Brian felt their family was finally complete. Little did they know, God had other plans.

In 2018, the Densmores learned that their adopted sons’ biological mother was pregnant once more. Landon joined their family, and his adoption was finalized amid the pandemic. The Densmores have officially closed their foster care license, and their long, at times challenging, exciting, and rewarding journey with STVCC has come to an end. Emily and Brian have their hands full with children ages 17, 12, 11, 5, 5, and 2, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Friend, with your special 2021 Spring Appeal gift, you will help build healthy families, create hope, and change lives through not just our foster care and adoption programs, but also our Children’s Home, Immigration Law Clinic, refugee services, and mental health counseling.

Whether together or apart, I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy this spring. Please continue to pray for and care for one another as the pandemic continues.

We are all in this together.

With a grateful heart,

Andrea S. Seyka, CEO