Volunteer Involvement

Volunteer involvement with refugees helps families adjust to living in a new culture. Here at STVCC, we understand the challenge of moving to a new area. Many refugees don’t know English and still have to adapt to American culture as soon as possible. Language barriers aside, moving to a new country is difficult. Thankfully, volunteers help smooth the way for refugees, and enable them to begin a new life.

Volunteer Involvement with Refugees

Staff members choose to help refugees because they desire to help them find a home. Those who volunteer with refugees want the same, and express interest in working in specific areas. Some volunteers enjoy working with children, and we ask them to help with refugee families and kids. Others understand the challenges of applying for jobs, and work with refugees seeking immediate employment. No matter what the volunteer’s interests or skill sets, we try to find a partnership that appeals to the volunteer’s interests and refugee needs.

Volunteering with refugees provides a wonderful opportunity to experience new cultures and lifestyles. Sometimes curiosity pushes people to ask about volunteering, and choose to help those in need. No matter what prompts them to volunteer, we know that their service will make a difference and change the lives of those they serve. The end result allows all parties to exchange cultures and gain a richer understanding of the world.

Volunteer Involvement at Home

One wonderful way volunteers help with refugee services is by sharing their stories with others. Individuals assist refugees by sharing refugees’ stories and experiences in their own homes. Listening to those stories allows everyone to experience new ideas. Volunteering with refugees helps people learn more about what its like to live in a place that’s not their home.

By working with refugees and their families, volunteers can share their experience building a new home. They share cultures, mentor children and adults with the English language, and provide a point of contact for understanding American society.

STVCC Refugee Services is the only resettlement program for adult individuals and families in the Lansing Area. Since the program’s inception in the 1970’s, STVCC Refugee Services has resettled more than 17,000 refugees to the Lansing Area. Over the years, programming has expanded to include employment, education, outreach and health services in addition to resettlement. Refugees resettled into the community bring rich ethnic diversity, stimulate the economy and bring a positive impact to Lansing’s culture in business, schools and community organizations. For more information, visit our Refugee Services page.

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