We’d Like to Introduce You to Josh Lown, The New Volunteer, Outreach and Training Coordinator at the Children’s Home

Josh has been working at the Children’s Home for nearly four years, the past three and a half as a Youth Advocate. In his prior position, Josh first worked primarily with teenage boys, and then transitioned to the Comprehensive Clinical Assessment Program (CCAP).

Josh shared that since he started at the Children’s Home, his “goals have always been to be the best person I canJosh Lown be for the children at the Children’s Home, and to hopefully plant some seeds of confidence and self-esteem so that they realize that they are more than whatever story they enter the Children’s Home with. While I don’t get to see and help the kids directly as often, I have the wonderful opportunity to expand not only the community’s impact on our children, but also our children’s impact on the community as a whole. I aim to work hard at bursting any bubble that exists between us and the outside community reach out and have given our kids some unique opportunities, and I plan to continue that momentum for as long as I can.”

Josh is originally from Grand Haven, MI, and currently resides in Lansing. Josh graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Psychology in 2012.

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