When A Village Loves A Child

It is impossible for a village to raise a child when no one steps up to make a difference.

Written by: Jennifer Harrison

When a child lives in unwanted turmoil they do become a product of a problem in society, They are invisible or they act out to be seen and heard …not to cause trouble; because they don’t have the tools or techniques to process and express their trauma. And all too often, these children feel like they fade into the background or fall through the cracks of the system. 

But it’s been proven time and time again that when a child is placed in a home and where they are loved unconditionally and are taught the coping mechanisms to help them deal with their emotions and experiences, they feel —people take notice; The school, their workers, counselors, doctors, babysitters, and see the change. Most importantly, they themselves can see and feel the difference, and pretty soon a lot of positive attention is drawn to that child. The child feels loved, appreciated, wanted, and cared for.

When the village loves a child that child is loved and supported in a positive way it’s really easy for everybody involved to be onboard and help lift them up. Even when a child is reunited with their family, the village works as a team to bring positive light to that child, and breathe life into the family again.

Just as when they are learning to walk, a child falls many, many times. But when there is a community there to help pick them up, the burden is not carried by few; It ends up being a joy, and a journey for many to help somebody else rise and become a success story.

Foster parents and adoptive parents step up to make the difference. The reality is there IS a perfect person or village for each child in our foster care system– they just haven’t stepped forward yet!

I truly hope and pray that anyone who has thought about it will take the plunge, learn more about the opportunities for making a difference in the life of a child. They can be the perfect fit! Whether fostering, adopting, or mentoring, providing respite care for other parents, or even helping provide items that a child or family may need.

I know, as a village, people can make a big difference. I’ve seen it firsthand. I’ve felt the difference and am beyond blessed to be part of it.



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