Work with Refugees

Work with refugees pits STVCC staff against time, but we always want to help. Sometimes the biggest challenge we have to face is time. Refugee resettlement policy states that we can handle refugee casework for 30 days only, with a possible extension to 90 days. That’s it. That’s the longest we have to help refugees who need help and support to begin their new lives.

So how do we address their needs in that limited time? What other challenges arise?

Perhaps the first challenge comes in the unique stories. Many clients arrive in the United States after witnessing very painful and trying situations. Often these difficulties continue to haunt them while they establish their lives here. Often they come with different expectations, different hopes, and a different idea of what life will be like.

The very beauty of refugee diversity challenges staff to be patient and approach each refugee with a renewed desire to serve. Every action requires patience. Each staff member approaches different cases from a different angle. The most important thing to remember is the worth of each person and the challenges they’ve faced.

Work with Refugees: The Biggest Challenge

Although every case is different, each has its own rewards. No matter what, challenges still keep staff focused on serving. Learn more about how STVCC staff approach the challenges they face when helping refugees adjust to their new lives by watching them answer this question themselves.

STVCC Refugee Services is the only resettlement program for adult individuals and families in the Lansing Area. Since the program’s inception in the 1970’s, STVCC Refugee Services has resettled more than 17,000 refugees to the Lansing Area. Over the years, programming has expanded to include employment, education, outreach and health services in addition to resettlement. Refugees resettled into the community bring rich ethnic diversity, stimulate the economy and bring a positive impact to Lansing’s culture in business, schools and community organizations. For more information, visit our Refugee Services page.


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