A Letter From The CEO


Andrea Seyka

Dear Friends,

With the start of the school year almost here, memories of back-to-school shopping and first days of school with my two sons come to mind. When I think of them, I can’t help but think of all the children in the care of St. Vincent Catholic Charities who do not have the parents and support system necessary to help them through this stressful time of the year. As an agency, we do all that we can to help these kids.

In this issue, we provide moving stories about how STVCC has played a part in the transformation of those children and teens in our care. For someone like Tim Hine, although he only spent several days at the Children’s Home in his youth, STVCC has been a part of his life for decades. Now he and his wife are founding members of our Faith Keepers monthly giving society.

We also share an update on a young woman named Miracle, who we wrote about several years ago. Miracle is transforming her life on a daily basis by continuing to utilize the coping strategies she learned at the Children’s Home. Her on-going motivation is to provide a life for her daughter Jordan that she wasn’t able to experience.

This summer has been a busy time for us. Soon we’ll be completing Operation Backpack, where we equip every child in our care with the necessary school supplies to succeed academically – all neatly stored in that brand new backpack each kid craves. I encourage you to flip through to see all the fun activities we’ve offered to our clients and the community this season.

After reading this issue, it should be obvious that your support is making a difference in the lives of those served at STVCC.


Andrea Seyka

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