legacy society

Legacy Society Members

Pat Andrews Rae and Margaret Behren Barbara Boger
Robert and Marie Brown Robert Burgess Florence Chubb
David and Noel Closs Curtis Trust Marion G. DeWitt Trust
Dorothy A. Doyle Chester and Marie Esch John Forte
Lynn and Mary Harvey Grace Hoffer John J. Kelly
Joseph and Shirley Lacchia Nancy S. Passanante Mary Lou Phillips
Michael and Kathleen Rhodes Rhynard Estate Joseph Sanger/Marjorie Hahn Trust
Edna Schaefer Living Trust Mary Kathryn Siwek Wayne J. and Elaine M. Thelen
Donna Verleger Russell Wensick Jean S. White


The Legacy Society recognizes those who include St. Vincent Catholic Charities in their future plans through a bequest, in a will, trust, life insurance or life income gifts. You may become a member of the Legacy Society simply by notifying the Development Office that you have named St. Vincent Catholic Charities in your will or estate plan, and by completing a ‘Statement of Support’ form, obtained from the STVCC Development Office.

Gifts to the Legacy Society are acts of hope for the future. Through your thoughtful commitment and generosity, STVCC will be well equipped to serve our community for generations to come.

The rewards of giving in this manner are plentiful. For many, they give their treasure today to bless others in the future. The challenge of the work at STVCC is that the needs are endless. Abuse and neglect never take a vacation; persecution persists. The work at STVCC helps people heal and gives them the tools to lead productive lives. A gift today helps secure the future for those who come to STVCC in the years to come.

For more information about the STVCC Legacy Society and gifts through your estate, please contact Tamara El-Khoury at (517) 323-4734 ext. 1201 or by e-mail at elkhout@stvcc.org. 

Download  a Statement of Support