At St. Vincent Catholic Charities, protecting our community’s most vulnerable children is top priority.  Through our adoption program we work to place children who have experienced abuse and/or neglect into loving and supportive homes. Our staff actively recruit caring families who are able to meet the needs of the children we serve.

Types of Services Provided:

Foster Care Adoption:

St. Vincent Catholic Charities primarily works to place children who are permanent wards of the State of Michigan or Family Court.  We offer adoption case management services (child and family assessments, applying for support and medical subsidy, quarterly court reports and hearings, etc.) for potential adoptive families as well as post adoption services.

Infant adoptions:

On rare occasion, STVCC also helps to place infant children into adoptive homes who have been released into the custody of our agency by their birth parents.  In such a case, St. Vincent Catholic Charities will facilitate the adoption process for the infant child or will work cooperatively with attorneys facilitating this process.


STVCC is able to assist adult adoptees, former siblings, adoptive parents and birth parents who are interested in requesting information from adoption records.  For more information, please contact Nikki Sepolen at (517) 323-4734 ext. 1608.

Learn More!

Would you like to learn more about adoption?  Please contact Nikki Sepolen at (517) 323-4734 ext. 1608. You can also join us at an upcoming Foster and Adoptive Parent Orientation.  Orientations are held on the first and third Thursday of each month in the STVCC Service Center: 2800 W. Willow St., Lansing, MI. 48917.  Registrations are required to attend an upcoming orientation.  Daytime and Evening Orientations are available. Please contact Nikki to register.

Meet the Children

MARE (Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange) is an information and referral service for prospective adoptive parents interested in adopting children from the foster care system. The MARE website provides a photo listing of waiting Michigan children and of Michigan families interested in adopting children with special needs. The child listings are updated throughout the week and families may inquire on waiting children through the website.

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