It Feels Good to Give


Brig & Fran Sorber at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK world headquarters.

Brig and Fran Sorber are St. Vincent Catholic Charities (STVCC) Guardian Society members, but their relationship with the agency encompasses much more than simply sharing their treasure. Each graciously give their time and talents as well.

Fran has been an active volunteer for eight years, while Brig has lent his leadership and business acumen to campaigns such as the Children’s Home gymnasium renovation and Operation Backpack. Under Brig’s direction as CEO and now executive chairman at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, the company has become STVCC’s corporate ‘big brother,’ sponsoring multiple STVCC events each year.



GiveBrig and Fran Sorber were originally drawn to STVCC by their faith.

“What we believe is the giving back, or giving of yourself to do something for others, because that’s what you believe is what God wants and it is our responsibility to help,” Fran said.

Yet it wasn’t until they attended a Journey of Hope that they fully grasped the importance and need for STVCC in the Greater Lansing community. “It’s more than just [writing] a check,” Brig said. “When you walk in and you see how these children are taken care of in the home, you start envisioning your own child in there. You start thinking to yourself maybe a few bad decisions or a few bad breaks, one of our children could be in here. Picturing your own child in here was a game-changer for me.”

The Sorbers became Guardian Society members eight years ago. “All you’ve got to do is go to one St. Vincent breakfast and hear from these children, what they’ve been through and you are convinced,” said Fran.

Fran volunteered for adoption, as a mentor at the Children’s Home, and currently with the Book Club. To Fran, the gift of time and caring can be even more impactful than a financial gift. “You just want to go there and give them some positive energy, ask about their day. Each time I try to give them a hug when they leave, if they want one. Anything that can make them feel like somebody cares about them.”

GiveBrig joined the STVCC Board of Directors in 2016. “We go to St. Martha in Okemos and they are a huge supporter of St. Vincent’s,” said Brig. “I went to talk with my priest when I was asked to be on the board and he said ‘That’s a calling from God, you have to do that!’ When you hear your priest say that, you have to do it.”

The Sorber’s passion for the Children’s Home continues to be a motivating factor in their work. “Jesus expects us to take care of the least in our communities,” said Brig. “I can’t think of any least than these kids. They deserve that shot. We want all people to help out, to help out these kids. These are all God’s children, these are our children too.”


Brig’s message to others are the mutual benefits that giving to STVCC provides.


“It feels good to give. When I walk through and I look into that gym and I see those crazy little kids running all over, being kids, that’s cool and that makes me feel good. That’s what drives me to be more involved.”

The Sorbers exhibit humility, aware that they are just a speck of sand in God’s overall plan. “We may never see all the good works, but somebody will – down the road when these kids become working adults,” Brig said. “I truly feel that they will take a look back on their past and understand the importance of a place like St. Vincent Catholic Charities and they will be part of taking care of that problem too.”

To St. Vincent Catholic Charities and the children they serve, families like the Sorbers Brig & Fran Sorber at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK world headquarters are the Guardian Angels to the agency.

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