It Takes More Than A Roof

It Takes More Than a Roof - STVCC Children's Home Infographic

It takes more than a roof to support the St. Vincent Catholic Charities Children’s Home, which offers Long Term and Short Term Residential Care, and 30 Day Clinical Assessment for children ages five to seventeen.

Each child is supported by a team of staff the includes:

  • Directors and Coordinators
  • Case Managers and Therapists
  • A medical staff including an on-site psychiatrist and nursing staff
  • Youth Advocates and Supervisors
  • An in-home kitchen staff
  • Promise, the resident therapy dog


Yet the Children’s Home receives an immeasurable amount of support outside the community. In addition to our full-time teachers and aids, we have tutors who volunteer on a weekly basis.  A multitude of other groups volunteer throughout the year, totaling over 5500 hours of volunteer support a year.

The children also take part in many other activities, ranging from therapeutic support (Ex: Yoga therapy and a Sensory Integration room), to familial trips to Michigan Adventure and camping.

None of it would be possible however without support from donors in the community. Christmas gifts, coats and bathing suits, and a new pavilion are just a few examples of how donations benefit the residents of the Children’s Home on a daily basis.


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