Math Tutors Needed

Math tutors are in high demand at the St. Vincent Catholic Charities Children’s Home.

Summer is drawing to a close as Labor Day looms nearer, which can mean only one thing for students: the impending first day of school. Memories flood back as we remember the joys, hardships, and mentors that changed our lives for the better. As we enjoy these summer months, our Children’s math tutorsHome is actively planning for the beginning of the upcoming term.

Too often, the students in our Children’s Home have struggled to maintain their studies in the face of challenging situations. Because of this, STVCC is looking for volunteer Math Tutors who are proficient in all levels of mathematical studies, particularly algebra and higher. These tutors will work with individual students to provide extra support and guidance as they continue their academic careers. Tutoring not only allows individuals to respond to the need for quality education, but it provides students with the memory of a mentor who cared for their continued success.

Math tutors or those seeking more information should contact:

Josh Lown

(517) 323-4734 ext. 1356

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