In the Rooms Where Life Happens

In our Service Center are comfortable spaces for children to spend time with their birth parents. These visitation rooms provide a gathering place for children and families who seek guidance in situations of adoption, foster care, or other family needs. There we provide toys for children, changing tables, books and seats for families to spend time with one another. Yet over the years with an average of over 40 visits each week, our visitation rooms were in need of some serious repair and restoration in order to continue to provide that comfortable, family environment we strive for our clients.
RoomsAt STVCC, we understand the importance of a welcoming place for families to come together. That’s why we are so grateful to the people of Mount Hope Church who donated funds and time to redecorate our visitation rooms for children and their parents.

Rooms need Renovations

Volunteers from the Mount Hope Church congregation recently completed a full renovation of our visitation rooms by repainting the walls and replacing furniture, counter tops, and flooring. “It’s so important torooms and couches reach out when you know the need is great,” said Mount Hope Pastor Dave Williams. “I hope our simple contributions help the families who use these rooms to grow in love.”

Because of their generous contributions, STVCC can continue to provide a welcoming environment for those in need. “The goal of foster care is family reunification,” CEO Andrea Seyka stated. “This donation provides a nurturing setting where birth parents can share their love for their children as they seek to overcome the struggles affecting their lives.”

If our walls could talk, they would whisper countless tales of love, laughter, and service…plus a warm thank you to Mount Hope Church.

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