There are multiple immigration law resources that individuals in the community can access. With a greater emphasis on interior immigration enforcement in the United States, the greatest steps a person can take is to educate themselves on their legal rights should they have contact with immigration. It is important to know how to prepare if an individual’s family should be removed.

Know Your Rights Presentations

immigration law resourcesKnow Your Rights presentations explain the rights an individual would have if approached or arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. These are usually held by local nonprofits for their community.
American Civil Liberties Union Videos (available in various languages)
American Civil Liberties Union Print Materials (available in various languages)
• Coordinate a presentation with Michigan United

Family Preparedness Presentations

Family Preparedness presentations explain the steps and actions a person may take to help ensure that their family or loved ones are informed and prepared should they be removed from the country. These presentations can be accessed through the:
Michigan Immigrant Rights Center
Immigrant Legal Resource Center

I-693 Vaccination Form

The vaccination assessment is the only medical examination required for Refugees seeking
adjustment of status (i.e. to receive a green card).

How to Fill Out the I-693 Vaccination Form Presentation

While education and preparedness through immigration law resources are critical, please remember to take this time to meet with an immigration attorney. An attorney is able to evaluate possible options or immigration benefits a person may be eligible for. Do not take advice from a neighbor as there is no margin for error.