STVCC to Offer Faith Based Counseling for Diocese of Lansing

St. Vincent Catholic Charities is now offering Faith Based Counseling for all parishioners in the Diocese of Lansing.

These services are provided by Tammy Render-Morris, a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Christian Counseling designation. Render-Morris will provide counseling that brings in the love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ from a Catholic perspective with the use of scripture, prayer and tenets of the Catholic faith to offer healing, peace and hope to all that are hurting and struggling. Therapy is available for a myriad of issues, including but not limited to addiction, anxiety, depression, family/couple conflicts, faith, grief and loss, and pornography.

Render-Morris comes to STVCC after spending time as a Substance Use Disorder Counselor with Victory Clinical Services in Lansing. There she specialized in providing substance abuse and mental health services to clients suffering from substance use disorders. Render-Morris also has been trained in Christian counseling, grief counseling for both children and adults, and cognitive behavioral therapy. She also has experience as a Christian marriage preparation counselor, a Christian marriage counselor, and working with parents of children who are missing and/or exploited.

Render-Morris earned a Bachelor of Science in Recreational Therapy Psychology from Michigan State University and a Master of Science in Licensed Professional Counseling from Liberty University. A Christian liberal arts college, Render-Morris learned secular and Christian perspectives throughout her program at Liberty. Render-Morris currently resides in Lansing, MI.

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